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La Vampire nue (The Nude Vampire ) (1970) - Jean Rollin


Horror director Jean Rollin followed up Le Viol du Vampire with this equally strange excursion into vampiric eroticism. From the opening sequence of 'La Vampire Nue' it looks like you're in for a dreamlike erotic nudie vampire flick ala Jess Franco (which is not a bad thing mind you!). Very quickly though it metamorphoses into something more complex, and difficult to categorize. The mysterious and sensual title character played by Caroline Cartier actually has very little to do on screen, but is the key to the mysterious events involving scientists studying immortality, and a surreal suicide cult led by a mysterious figure known as The Master. Oliver Martin is the hero, who tries to rescue pretty Caroline Cartier from the cult, only to find out that yet another group of vampires wants to save her too. There's people with reindeer heads, the usual artsy sex and violence, and a science-fiction subplot about a doorway to another dimension (as in the later Phantasm). Maurice Lemaitre and Bernard Musson co-star in this pretentious but enjoyable shocker. A very strange, poetic and unique piece of 60s exploitation, quite unlike any other. Highly recommended to fans of the offbeat and unusual.



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