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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans - Soundtrack

Anjos da Noite 3: A Revolução - Trilha sonora
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans - Soundtrack

1. Lighten Up Francis (JLE Dub Mix) - Puscifer
2. Underneath The Stars (Renholder Remix) - The Cure (f/ Maynard James Keenan/Puscifer and Milla)
3. Nasty Little Perv (Renholder Remix) - Perry Farrell
4. Hole In The Earth (Renholder Remix) - Deftones
5. Miss Murder (VNV Nation Remix) - AFI
6. Over And Out (Renholder Remix) - Alkaline Trio
7. Deathclub (Wes Borland/Renholder Remix) - William Control (f/ Matt Skiba)
8. Board Up The House (Renholder Remix) - Genghis Tron
9. Stiff Kittens (Jnrsnchz Blaqkout Remix) - Blaqk Audio
10. Broken Lungs (Legion Of Doom Remix) - Thrice
11. Today We Are All Demons (Beneath The World Mix) - Combichrist
12. I Want You To - Black Light Burns
13. Two Birds, One Stone (Wes Borland/Renholder Remix) - Drop Dead, Gorgeous
14. Let's Burn - King Black Acid
15. Tick Tock Tomorrow (Wes Borland/Renholder Remix) - From First To Last
16. Steal My Romance - Ghosts On the Radio

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